Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

With our partners we’re able to provide you with some of the most challenging Printed Circuits Boards used in today’s market from Rigid, Rigid-flex and Flex technology.

Whether you need a single board or have an ongoing high volume production project, MPC has you covered.  

Capabilities include:

  •  Single sided through hole boards to dense SMT Multilayer boards.
  •  Quality Standards per IPC-A-600, IPC-6012, Mil-P-55110.
  •  Quick Turn prototype.
  •  Fine lines and spacings.
  •  Via in Pad Technology with multiple filled or plugged techniques.
  •  Blind and Buried Vias
  •  Thick and Thin Cores
  •  Single Ended and Differentially Controlled Impedance.

Screen Printing

Optional method for markings all types of products, including control panels, enclosures, and chassis. Capabilities include screen printing a variety of substrates such as, wet paints, powder coats, plated metals and plastics.

Mechanical Fabrication

Pro Engineer/Wildfire CAD Design, Mechanical and Thermal Analysis with Mechanica Software, Conventional Turning, milling and grinding, CNC Turning and Milling, Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM), Quality Control; Fargo Gage Plus CMM Arm, Optical Comparator, Open Setup to Calibrated Standards, Product Design, Mechanical Design Consultation, Tooling and Fixtures, Prototype Manufacturing, Mechanical Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Cost Reduction.