Material Management


The average PCB project requires about 10-15 purchase orders to be placed with 10-15 vendors. This also means that you would have to deal with 10-15 packing slips and 10-15 invoices. MPC Design Technologies, Inc. can be your turnkey solution.

MPC has established and continues to maintain strong relationships with key component distributors; you are assured of maximum value for your purchasing dollar. When choosing MPC for your component solutions it will free your team up to focus on other business needs.


MPC Procurement team is PRO-STD-001 Certified in Counterfeit Component detection and prevention



You provide all the parts including the bare printed circuit boards and electronic components; we assemble your boards using our state of the art automated equipment 

MPC recommends the follow overages. 

Passive Devices: 10%

Low Cost Active Devices: 5%

High Cost Devices: 1 extra.


Upon releasing the components to assembly the kit will go through a thorough audit ensuring that the components received match the Bill-Of-Material (BOM) provided by the customer. We compare the Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) to the parts provided by the customer for accuracy in part values, tolerances, part marking and packaging.


You provide the "hard to find" parts, the "custom" parts, the parts you have in inventory, whatever parts you have! We help procure the rest of the parts, the PCBs, whatever you don't provide, and then we can assemble your printed circuit boards.


Component shortages and long lead parts account for most delays. In most cases MPC will build up to shortages to help customers meet their own internal delivery dates.


We manage the entire process from the fabrication of the bare printed circuit boards and the SMT stencil, procuring all parts through assembly and testing as your application requires.

Component Sourcing

MPC Design Technologies, Inc. will procure all material specified on the customers Bill-Of-Materials and from an approved vendor list if supplied. At this time any long lead and alternative parts will be provided to the customer for approval prior to purchasing.


  • Buying Power
    • Strong alliances with key component distributors (Avnet, Nu Horizons, FAI & TTI, to name a few) give you increased buying power.
  • Prototype Quantities Welcome
  • Quick-turn Procurement Available
  • Large Volume Discounts
  • Global Network with Access to Global Stock
  • In-House Stock
    • Common values, tolerances and sizes of passive devices in stock
  • Warehousing Capabilities for Your Materials

Whether we procure your components (fully or partially), or you provide a consigned kit (full or partial), your components are in the capable (and static-free!) hands of our Material Management team.